I'm Serg Makarov and I'm Photogrpaher
More than 10 years ago, I got the first real camera and started to shoot landscapes. Then I god awards and prizes for various competitions and awards, one of which was the award from UNICEF. Victories are motivating, but it took me another 4 years to leave the post of the head of the company and abandoning everything to start a career as a photographer.
For more than 8 years I have been a professional photographer and for about 4 years I have been shooting interiors and architecture, working with businesses and helping brands create content. Probably the experience of the manager helps me to understand the needs of today's business and offer solutions in terms of content.
One of my specialties is digital marketing and I know everything about content, promotion, and channels for attracting customers.

And you know what? It all starts with content. Advancement for business is mathematics and analytics, but imagine a Mercedes ad without photos? A listing of hotels on booking.com without a photo or so-so photo? It all starts with the content that I create for brands and that helps businesses grow. It's funny how I left my business to do photography back to business, but on the other hand.
In 2018, I moved with my spouse and children to New York. And happily create photos in the most exciting city in the world.
And I will be happy to create photography content for you.
"How to make your proposal awesome"
"Top-10 places for proposal in New York"
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